International PartyIt's a good opportunity to make new friends and find your language exchange partners. We organaize partise in Tokyo and Osaka.
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This International Party is a casual party which is organaized for making new friends without citizenship

Q.How meny people are expected to attend?
A.Usually, about 150people attend to our party in Tokyo,80 people in Osaka

Q.Can I attend by myself?
A.Ofcouse no problem ! A lot of people ask us this question.

Q.Do I have to dress up for the party?
A.No,You Don't.please come with casual wear.

Q.How is the rate of people who attend?
A.Usually,the rate of men  is 40% and women is 60%.
And the rate of non-Japanese is 40-30%  and  Japanese is 60-70%

Q.What do you do in the party?
A.We don't do anything.This is a free talk party.So please enjoy  talking to new frienbds!

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